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More than 50 years of experience as manufacturer and kitchen specialist

Diomo cocinas

Unique and exclusive kitchens full of character

Diomo is the final result of the needs to combine all the components that are produced by company, the kitchens. Its main objective is to create unique and exclusive kitchens that have the character and the style to adapt to any target.

Diomo creates each cabinet as individual element to get the best solution to every requirement. We look for quality supported in our extended experience in the furniture business.

Diomo cocinas

More than 50 year of experience

We are a kitchen brand part of Grupo Top Form, well know European furniture component company. Top Form started its activities in the 70’s and their continuous innovation makes it one of the leaders in the area.

Today with more than 50 years of experience, it remained in the top of the market with clients in more of 40 countries.

Diomo cocinas

A committed Professional team

400 of professional employees make this Project unique and perfect for you. A strength commitment with quality the help us archive the best result.

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