A classic look with flourishes of elegance


Stefano and his wife love spending long evenings in the kitchen. To them, it is a wondrous place where they share exquisite food and socialising. That's why, when they imagined what this room in their home should be like, several things were crystal clear: it had to be a functional space with contemporary nuances, but it also had to evoke the kitchens of their childhood where the whole family gathered around the table. 

As you would expect, the design we thought would be ideal for this couple was characterised by furniture with straight lines, highlighting the frames of the fronts (Málaga model), with a very spacious arrangement of furniture evoking a classic style, low and high cabinets that don't quite reach the ceiling, in a matt mint green and small bronze handles (Warsaw) in the centre of the units.

This combination of colours makes the kitchen a cosy, familiar, natural space, but is also a breath of fresh air. The kitchen has an island in the centre and large frosted glass display cases to the left and right of the cooker. 


This design used high quality materials: the doors were manufactured in 22mm MDF covered in an acrylic polyurethane lacquer with ultraviolet protection to prevent their colour being bleached by sunlight. And, for the worktop, we used an Orinoco glossy granite to break up the straight lines of the colour on the fronts and create a more daring combination. 

The result was exactly what the couple envisaged: a combination of warmth, comfort, tradition and elegance. Quite a challenge but we passed with flying colours. 

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The Diomo Kitchens brand is integrated within one of the most important industrial groups in Europe in the sector of furniture parts, The Top Form Group, as the division specialising in kitchen furnishings.

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