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Mateo and his girlfriend decided to refurbish the kitchen in their rental home to give it a more modern and sophisticated look. It started as a pretty run of the mill project for the couple but, due his girlfriend's busy life, Mateo decided to take the kitchen renovation stress off her plate and surprise her by selecting the materials and design himself. 

To achieve an aesthetic and elegant design he chose a combination of woods with mono-colours, without losing sight of quality.  The final design featured a peninsula kitchen. It was built from super matt white synthetics and laminated dark oak materials for the large low and high cabinets, featuring integrated handles to give a much more linear finish and enhance their velvety touch.  


Their kitchen also incorporates pantry columns to provide more storage space in the back, in the same oak colour to add depth to the room. 

Natural quartz with a white marble effect was used for the worktop, with open side shelving in keeping with trends towards open spaces in contemporary kitchen furniture. 

Mateo was impressed with the result and his girlfriend was bowled over when she saw the finished kitchen. Both were satisfied. Their new kitchen is a breath of fresh air, increasing the functionality and design of their first home. 

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Diomo Cocinas sells tailor-made kitchens for all types of clients and projects. Our products are made with the best materials and quality in the market.

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The Diomo Kitchens brand is integrated within one of the most important industrial groups in Europe in the sector of furniture parts, The Top Form Group, as the division specialising in kitchen furnishings.

These kitchens are manufactured in Spain with the best materials and paying attention to aspects related to quality and environment.