Clean lines and simplicity


Marta is a lover of simplicity and discretion. This made the kitchen difficult because it had to house so many different elements that were practically impossible for her to combine with stylish and simple furniture. She doesn't like a whole host of appliances being on display in the kitchen. On the contrary, as she says "less is more"

That's why Marta was a little upset when she turned to us. She couldn't envisage her ideal kitchen because of the limitations inherent to her needs. 

I didn't want there to be a bunch of appliances or for them to be visible. And I didn't want a kitchen full of unnecessary extra bells and whistles. I wanted it to be elegant, to have a simple, discreet style and to avoid loud colours. 


We got to work and managed to hit all the right notes. For Marta's kitchen we used a simple design featuring a central island. Built with super matte anthracite colour synthetic materials (anti-fingerprint) and frosted glass display cases to contrast these understated colours. We chose a model of natural marble stone in dark tones for the worktop and an integrated opening system (gola). 

To increase the functionality of such a simple kitchen we used columns with side pantries, large 90cm drawers for added storage space, and a pull-out compartment for the rubbish bins, to promote sorting and recycling for the good of the environment. 

Marta was delighted with our design. She was a little sceptical at first but she fell head over heels in love with the final result. Now she smiles every time she sees her kitchen. 

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The Diomo Kitchens brand is integrated within one of the most important industrial groups in Europe in the sector of furniture parts, The Top Form Group, as the division specialising in kitchen furnishings.

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