The elegance and sophistication of clean lines


Luna was immersed in the search for her ideal kitchen, that difficult yet satisfying choice when you find the one you were looking for all along. She knew exactly what she was after: a kitchen with ample space where order and cleanliness reigned.

That was the start of this project which ended up meeting her needs perfectly. Characterised by its ample spaces and clean lines, with integrated handles to keep the surfaces pure and clutter-free.


We used high quality materials to bring Luna's dream to life: the fronts are made of super matt black synthetic material. It is highly resistant to wear, silky to the touch and doesn't show up fingerprints. Moreover, we combined it with a natural oak-coloured laminate with handles of the same colour incorporated on the fronts (J profile). This model of handles is revolutionary because the fronts and handles are a single piece, reducing the chances of them becoming detached.

Moreover, we paired this natural oak-coloured laminate worktop with handles of the same colour incorporated in the front (J profile).

This combination is in step with the latest kitchen decoration trends and makes this a understated and elegant space. All with the clean and tidy feeling Luna yearned for. A sophisticated design of clean lines.

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Diomo Cocinas sells tailor-made kitchens for all types of clients and projects. Our products are made with the best materials and quality in the market.

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The Diomo Kitchens brand is integrated within one of the most important industrial groups in Europe in the sector of furniture parts, The Top Form Group, as the division specialising in kitchen furnishings.

These kitchens are manufactured in Spain with the best materials and paying attention to aspects related to quality and environment.