More kitchen in less space


Leo is a passionate young man who wanted his kitchen to be unique. Hence the importance of combining balance, functionality and harmony. On this occasion, space was rather limited meaning that one of the challenges Leo's project presented was creating a good kitchen in a compact space. 

In meeting this challenge, it was essential to choose a simple design that avoided being ostentatious or overloading the space with different elements. This ensured greater visual impact of space and light. At the same time, we wanted to pay attention to those little details which are often overlooked. 


For this design, the materials we chose to make Leo's kitchen a reality were lacquered fronts manufactured in 22 mm MDF in a matt off white colour and walnut-coloured Madrid model wooden fronts. To break up the linearity of the colour, we created contrast using a natural quartz worktop and an industrial design. Integrated J handles in the same colour as the fronts and spacious drawers and columns to make the most of the furniture. 

In the lower part, in the cooking area, we left an open space in keeping with the trend of open furniture to house kitchen wear, such as plates and crockery, making life easier when it comes time to dish up a meal. This is visually appealing as it is the only open area in the kitchen furniture. 

This combination of colours and textures is visually striking and promotes the feeling of space in the kitchen, despite its small size. 

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